How to prevent static electricity from BOLSAS DE RED VEGETAL?

07 Feb 2021



In the long-term use of BOLSAS DE RED VEGETAL, static electricity may be generated due to weather and other reasons. So how to deal with static electricity? The following editor will introduce it.

BOLSAS DE RED VEGETAL can be loaded with fruits and vegetables, etc., which play an important role in modern people's lives. Some production technical parameters are more demanding in production now. In order to ensure that it is not static, the first thing is to select materials at the beginning of production and choose good and dry materials. When making ingredients in the later stage, pay attention to adding certain antistatic agents according to the scientific proportioning. For the production environment, if there is no professional static elimination equipment, it is necessary to reasonably control the humidity of the processing environment. You can also put a container in the workshop where the vegetable mesh bag is produced and fill it with warm water. The purpose of this is to prevent static electricity from increasing the air humidity.