Raffia woven fabrics are very useful as they can be used to make bags

22 Sep 2017



Raffia woven fabric is polypropylene yarn as raw material, by two sets of parallel yarn (its shape is flat wire), a group of longitudinal along the loom warp the marching direction (fabric) said, another group of horizontal layout called weft. The weaving equipment and process are used to weave the warp yarn and weft into cloth, which can be woven into different thicknesses and compactness according to different usage ranges.

Raffia woven fabrics serve a lot of industries all over the world as they provide the best solution for strong, dependable and economical packaging. They are manufactured using quality polypropylene material and are known for their tensile strength, low elongations, dimensional stability and wear resistance. These light weighted fabrics are best suited for packaging bags suitable for Industrial bags, the finished goods for complete production.


Raffia woven fabrics are very useful as they can be used to make bags, silt fence, tarpaulin, box bag, ground cover fabric, bags for packing of grains and chemicals. . Moreover, the fabrics are available in roll form so these can be easily loaded on any Automatic cutting and stitching machines.